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September Elephant


September is National Life Insurance Month. One of the most important purposes of life insurance is to replace the income that is lost when your loved one passes away and to cover funeral costs as well. Did you know that only 44% of American households have life insurance? This is reported to be the lowest number in 50 years.

If there is one thing that we have learned through the pandemic, It is that life is unpredictable and to plan for the unexpected. Our hope is to bring awareness and educate you to make the best decision for your family. Normalizing these conversations and gathering all the information is key. There are a wide variety of plans that you or your family members can choose from that you would find suitable. Most people think that a medical exam is required and in fact there are a lot of plans that don’t require one. They have made the process so easy that you can get life insurance online in the comfort of your own home.

Calculating costs of how much debt you may have, money you have in savings and the most important things to protect is very beneficial. There are coverage calculators that can help determine what level of coverage is needed.

Check your beneficiaries often to make sure the correct individuals are receiving the benefits and payout. Always remember to update when major life events occur such as marriage, divorce, a new career or having children etc.

Finally, make it a priority to let family members/beneficiaries know where all these important documents are kept to make the process a bit easier for you and your family. Financial security never stops, so please make sure your loved ones are protected when they need it most.



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We are a full service independent insurance agency committed to providing our policy holders with prompt courteous service. We aim to go beyond the expected. We provide a financial security blanket for all our clients so that both businesses and families have a secure future. We want our clients to rest easy knowing that they have a partner to support them on their journey.

Life Happens...Are You Covered?